Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist based in London

About Alistair

Alistair Black has over ten years experience of professional clinical practice as a psychotherapist. He earlier held a placement within St Thomas’ hospital outpatient’s psychotherapy department for a number of years before setting up his own private practice in 2010. Prior to his professional training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist he has worked in the field of mental health for over 15 years. He has extensive experience of working with the whole range of mental health difficulties, and has worked therapeutically in the field of the psychoses. For many years he has been involved in provision and training within therapeutic communities, or intensive institutional psychotherapy, for the severely mentally unwell.

Alistair has studied psychology and philosophy to doctoral level before undertaking his training in psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation with the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR) in London. He has extensive experience of teaching and training in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and therapeutic interventions. Alistair regularly presents seminars and lectures for CFAR’s public seminars and professional clinical training programmes. In addition to psychoanalysis he is interested in continental philosophy, Buddhist thought and practice, and human ecology.